The South Leightonstone (Kym Valley) Group has services ranging from quiet, contemplative communion according to the 1662 prayer book (BCP) to loud and lively family services with the big screen.

In addition to the services below, BCP Holy Communion is celebrated at Kimbolton every Wednesday at 10.30am; however theĀ  Saturday 6pm Vigil Eucharist at Tilbrook is suspended for the time being. Morning Prayer is said daily Tues – Fri at 8am at Kimbolton and 9am on Saturdays.

Services in November

Sunday 25 November (Next before Advent; Christ the King)

09.30 TIL no service
09.30 EAS Morning Worship
10.30 Shared worship for St Andrew at Great Staughton (no service at KIM)
15.00 KIM Evensong

Services in December

Sunday 2 December Advent 1

09.30 COV : Parish Communion
09.30 SPA: Morning Worship
10.45 KIM: Family Christingle Service
15.00 STO: Evensong

Sunday 9 December Advent 2

09.30 TIL: Family Service
09.30 EAS: Parish Communion
10.45 KIM Family Communion
15.00 SPA Messy Church Christingle

Saturday 15 December

17.00 TIL Christingle Service

Sunday 16 December Advent 3

09.30 COV: Morning Worship
09.30 STO: BCP Holy Communion
09.30 SPA: Parish Communion
10.45 KIM: Matins
18.00 KIM Carol Service

Sunday 23 December Advent 4

10.45 KIM: Parish Communion
18.00 EAS Carol Service
18.00 STO: Carol Service

Monday 24 December

23.30 KIM: Midnight Mass
23.30 SPA: Midnight Mass

Tuesday 25 December Christmas Day

09.30 COV w. TIL Family Communion
10.30 STO: Family Communion
10.45 KIM: Family Communion
09.30 EAS: Family Communion

Sunday 30 December

10.45 KIM Group Service

Services in January

Sunday 6 January Epiphany

09.30 COV Parish Communion
09.30 SPA Morning Worship
10.45 KIM Family Service
15.00 STO Evensong

Sunday 13 January Epiphany 1

09.30 TIL Family Service
09.30 EAS Parish Communion
10.45 KIM Family Communion

Sunday 20 January Epiphany 2

09.30 COV Morning Worship
09.30 STO BCP Communion
09.30 SPA Parish Communion
10.45 KIM Matins

Sunday 27 January Epiphany 3

09.30 TIL Parish Communion
09.30 EAS Morning Worship
10.45 KIM Parish Communion
15.00 KIM Evensong

in the Deanery of Huntingdon, in the Diocese of Ely, in the Church of England