In addition to the services below, BCP Holy Communion is celebrated at Kimbolton every Wednesday at 10.30am; and there is usually a Vigil Eucharist at Tilbrook at 6pm on Saturdays. Morning Prayer is said daily Tues-Fri at 8am at Kimbolton and 9am on Saturdays.

Sunday 4th February (2 before Lent)
Proverbs 8.1,22-31; Psalm 104.26-37; Colossians 1.15-20; John 1.1-14

09.30 COV Parish Communion (Rev S Bowring)
09.30 SPA Morning Worship (Ms J Dighton)
10.45 KIM Candlemas Family Service (Rev S Bowring)
11.00 BAR Family Service (Mrs L Bowring)
15.00 STO Evensong (Ms J Dighton)

Sunday 11th February (Sunday next before Lent)
2 Kings 2.1-12; Psalm 50.1-6; 2 Corinthians 4.3-6; Mark 9.2-9

09.30 TIL Family Service (Mrs L Bowring)
09.30 EAS Parish Communion (Rev S Bowring)
10.45 KIM Parish Communion (Rev S Bowring)
16.30 SPA Messy Church (Rev S Bowring)

*Ash Wednesday (14th Feb)

10.30 KIM Holy Communion with Ashing (Rev S Bowring)
19.30 TIL Holy Communion with Ashing (Rev S Bowring)

Sunday 18th February (Lent I)
Genesis 9.8-17; Psalm 25.1-9; 1 Peter 3.18-22; Mark 1.9-15

09.30 COV Morning Worship (Mrs L Bowring)
09.30 STO BCP Communion (Rev Dr J Rawlinson)
09.30 SPA Parish Communion (Rev S Bowring)
10.45 KIM Matins (Rev S Bowring)
18.00 EAS Evensong (Rev S Bowring)

Sunday 25th February (Lent II)
Genesis 17.1-7,15,16; Psalm 22.23-31; Romans 4.13-25; Mark 8.31-38

09.30 TIL Parish Communion (Rev S Bowring)
09.30 EAS Morning Worship (Mr M Baker)
10.45 KIM Parish Communion (Rev R Lancaster)
15.00 KIM Evensong (Rev S Bowring)
17.00 SPA Prayer & Praise (Rev S Bowring)

in the Deanery of Huntingdon, in the Diocese of Ely, in the Church of England