Bible study groups

Sermons are now available on the South Leightonstone YouTube channel – CLICK HERE

For Philip’s sermon on Jeremiah 32 from Sunday 29 September CLICK HERE

For Philip’s sermon on Jeremiah 8 from Sunday 22 Sept CLICK HERE

For Philip’s sermon on 2 Timothy 2 from 13 Oct CLICK HERE and for the text of Rev Hannah Cleugh’s sermon from Kimbolton (pdf), CLICK HERE

For the Rev Ian Brennand, Rural Dean  on Sunday 20 Oct in Spaldwick CLICK HERE

There will be two Bible study groups starting again in the week beginning 8 September, at different venues in Tilbrook and Kimbolton.  The idea is that we’ll all study the same topic, so that will allow people to go to one of the other groups if they’re unable to go to their “usual” evening.  The topic will be confirmed later – watch this space.

Venues are as follows:

Tuesday, 7.30pm, Kimbolton, at Daphne’s
Thursday, 7.45pm, Kimbolton, at Ann B’s